Make Your Own Sacred Broom

Come and learn all about the pagan history of brooms, along with the lore and superstitions about brooms – like why witches are said to fly on brooms (and yes, it’s probably what you think it is!)

You’ll make your own broom from the supplies provided – every broom is unique to the maker. Please bring any medicinal herbs or flowers that you want to wrap into the bristles of your broom – we’ll have some sage, lavender and roses, but if you have any mint, mugwort, rosemary, yarrow or whatever appeals to you – feel free to bring it along. The longer the sprigs of herbs, the easier it is to weave into your broom, although we’ll also have needles and thread to sew in the smaller leaves.

We’ll end the workshop by consecrating our brooms in ritual so they are ready for you to use.

Registration: $15 for Circle Members, $30 for Non-Members